Đào Thanh Tú

Đào Thanh Tú

About Me

Fullstack Developer @ OneSoft - Rocket Studio

I'm a Software Engineer

I'm a fullstack developer and believe in choosing the right tool for the job. Love play game and game dev (primarily Back-end).

As my main interest and job, I am a Game Developer (Unity/NodeJS,SocketIO) with many years of professional experience in the game development.

What I do and what I have:

  • Translate user requirements into the overall architecture and implementation of new systems
  • Manage Project and coordinate with the Client
  • Analystic, Design and Develop an entire NFT Game Solution
  • Understanding how system-technologies works (Database, Backend, Unity, Photon, SmartFox, SocketIO, ect)
  • Server Side for Realtime Multiplayer, with Loadbalancer, Autoscale game system base on Docker
  • Analystic and Design Game Content Management System (CMS) for operation and optimization game
  • Understanding how to improve game loading speed
  • Experience with iOS development games and apps (Swift/Obj-C/Cocos2D)
  • MERN Stack (MongoDB/Express/ReactJS/NodeJS)
  • Confidently work with version control systems like SVN, Git,Gitlab, CI/CD
  • Monitor the performance of applications & infrastructure
  • Use NodeJS,Python for some data processing tasks
  • Experience with working according to the Scrum methodology (Atlassian JIRA for tickets) and using Gitflow Workflow (Atlassian Stash, Github)
  • I love to constantly learn and use new technologies in my work.

Also, I worked with various technologies and languages (C#, Java, Python, TypeScript, Swift, Obj-C, SQL, MongoDB, CouchBase, Solidity and other).


15 Years of Experience



OneSoft-Rocket Studio

Unity, NodeJS, ReactJS, SocketIO, Photon, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Google Clouds, Docker...

Senior Server Developer


TOH Game Studio

Unity, NodeJS, SocketIO, Photon, AWS, CouchDB, Redis...



Obitech Studio

Unity, NodeJS, Smartfox, AWS, CouchDB, Redis...

Co-Founder, Project Manager


Kayac Hanoi

Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, C#, Unity, ORACLE, ERP...

Fullstack Developer


Tamtay Global

Objective-C, Swift, Java, Cocos2D

Mobile Game Developer


HIPT Group

C#, Java, Webservice, ORACLE, SQL Server, ERP...

ERP Developer



C#, VB, ORACLE, SQL Server, ERP...

ERP Developer


OneSoft-Rocket Studio

https://rocketstudio.game /

• Deploy & manager VPS, cloud service for game online system
• Building game online system using Unity, NodeJS, SocketIO, Photon, MongoDB, Redis...
• Building micro services for Game Dashboard, crawl data from Ads Network for building Marketing Dashboard using NodeJS, ReactJS, MySQL...
• Developing and maintaining game online feature, event for online games ( Clans, Clan war, Clan Boss, World Boss, PVE, PVP, Survival, Battle Mode... )
• Create internal tools to improve the work
• Mentoring junior developers and interns

TOH Soft


• Analystic, Design and Develop Chess Game online
• Developed a Client-side using Unity
• Research and Develop Chess AI Solution
• Develop Server-side using NodeJS, CouchDB, MongoDB, SockerIO, Redis
• Monitor the performance of applications & infrastructure
• Create Schedules and assign tasks
• Coach and mentor team members.

Obitech Studio

• Hire and training Develop Team from Zero (Unity, Cocos Creator, Java)
• Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.
• Develop and Design Cardgame Online System using, Unity, Cocos Creator, SmartFox Server, NodeJS...
• Develop AI for Bots
• Develop CMS tool
• Coach and mentor team members.


What I did